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  • We  hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to take our survey. We want  your opinion on when you think someone becomes an adult.  The Change The Age Survey will last two months July 1 - August 31st, 2019.  
  • On July 4th, 2019 of course we will be in Washington D.C. at the Lincoln  Memorial and the National Mall promoting the American Age-Of-Majority Act! 
  • Then  we will tally all the votes and decipher all the comments.  On October 1st, 2019 we will announce our bill in Albany the Capital of New York  State and we will be traveling all over New York and New England before  going nationwide.  
  • Please then visit our online petition page on Change.org/ChangeTheAge to and show your support for the legislation. 
  • Please follow us on the nationwide "Change The Age Tour" and we are asking for 1,000 to donate $20 on our Go Fund Me Page to help us get started with our expenses. 
  • Click on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Pages to get involved in our "Change the Age Challenge" where we are asking everyone to make a sign, take a photo or make a video of why you support the American Age of Majority Act.  If you can get your creation to go viral we will award you with a check starting October of 2019. There will be monthly winners who will  be voted on to receive $100 and a grand prize of $500 who gets the most hits in a year!

Please Help Us

Please take the "Change the Age " Challenge


Take the "Change the Age Challenge"  and we are asking you to make a creative sign or video about what law  you would like to see changed.  Go on to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  and post your creation of why you want support the American Age of Majority Act.  

 Every month starting in October 2019 we will award someone with a $100  check if they can get there photo or video to go viral mentioning The  American Age of Majority Act. 

Challenge Starts October 2019

Please donate to The "Change The Age" Tour


My  service dog Loki and I want to get in my SUV, hook up a trailer to  travel  around to all 50 state capitals as well as Washington D.C. plus  as many cities we can afford.  We want to promote and gather support for The American Age of Majority Act.  

 We  are asking 1,000 people to just donate $20 so we can get started with  our promotional materials, trailer, gas, food and lodging.  Follow us on  our calendar below and join in the fun on our nationwide tour. Thank  you in advance of your support.

The Tour Starts July 4th, 2019

Join us on the "Change The Age" Tour

July 4th, 2019

National Mall in Washington D.C.

Noon - 9pm

Washington D.C.

+ Event Details

July 4th, 2019

National Mall in Washington D.C.

We invite you to listen to live bands playing beautiful music in the park, history and fireworks!  We will be there intruding the "Change the Age" Campaign and the "Change The Age" Survey.

Noon - 9pm

Washington D.C.

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Follow us on our "Change The Age" Tour around North America

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